Little baby rhino arrives

IBaby Rhinot’s like a mini-me!

A one-horned rhinoceros born on Sunday has just crept out for a look at the world for the first time at the Berlin Zoo in Germany.

This is the third rhino baby for mom Jhansi – the birth of this little one is of extra importance, considering the breed’s endangered status.

  • Indigenous to India and Nepal, the one-horned rhino (also called the Indian rhino) can grow to be 6,600 lbs.
  • But despite their size, they’re surprisingly nimble, and can jump and run with ease.
  • Sadly, the feature for which they’re known — their prominent horn, which begins to grow at about 6 years old — is also what they’re often killed for, primarily for potential medical uses in Asia.
  • But luckily, their numbers are up – today, there are about 2,000 one-horned rhinos living in the wild.

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