Lonely Planet Kids release new family activity books Backyard Explorer, The Round the World Quiz Book and My Family Height Chart!

Stick these three new books on your reading list before the summer!

Lonely Planet Kids have just brought out a load of new family activity books!

They’re a cool way to learn more about the planet and explore what’s around us!

Check out the new Lonely Planet Kids titles below…

Backyard Explorer

The best adventures start at home!

Explore your surroundings in a whole new way with this brilliant fill-in journal from Lonely Planet Kids.

Go cloudspotting, make a skyline collage, design your dream house, create your very own time capsule and lots more.

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The Round the World Quiz Book

Can you take on the world? Challenge your friends and family to the ultimate quiz.

This book is packed with more than 500 questions about our amazing planet to boggle your brain and blow your mind!

With different difficulty levels to get readers of all ages thinking, and tons of points up for grabs, things are guaranteed to get competitive!

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My Family Height Chart

Measuring your height has never been so much fun!

This fun pull-out height chart is more than two metres (6.5 feet) tall, and covered with the tallest, smallest, weirdest and wackiest things to size yourself up to.

Are you taller than the world’s biggest bunny? How does Dad match up to the biggest recorded king cobra snake?

Plus over 80 colourful stickers to add and keep a record of your growth.

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You can follow Lonely Planet Kids on PopJam @LonelyPlanetKids and all of the Lonely Planet Kids books can be found and bought on the official website, just click the link below.

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