‘Mad about Minibeasts’ and ‘Ninja Meerkats’

For younger children

MadAboutMinibeastsMad About Minibeasts

By Giles Andreae, David Wojtowycz

This bestselling duo, behind books such as Rumble in the Jungle and Commotion in the Ocean, is back and this time they are celebrating the minibeasts that probably live at the bottom of your garden.

‘At the bottom of your garden

You might just hear a sound

A chirrup from the treetops

Or a scuttle on the ground….’

These minibeasts are out and about and ready to play! Worms, slugs, spiders and earwigs fly, crawl and slither across these pages.  See how an army of ants work hard to build their nest, a stick insect pretends to be – well – a stick, and a bunch of grasshoppers get together to sing.

So instead of squishing the next earwig or beetle that you come across, you might instead want to admire how quickly they scuttle around and those rather large pinchers on the earwig’s bottom….

Published by Orchard Books


For older children

NinjaMeerkatsNinja Meerkats

By Gareth P Jones

Meerkats have always been one of our favourite animals and now they have arrived in their own exclusive adventure series – the Ninja Meerkats!

Think Ninja meets animal safari and you won’t be far off the mark – except that this brood of meerkats isn’t confined to their burrows in the bush. With an airport a hop and a skip away from their homes, they also get to travel to where the action is.

In this adventure, the Clan of the Scorpion meerkats are headed to Hong Kong to thwart the plans of the evil Ringmaster who has stolen a tiger with special powers from Hong Kong Zoo. The Ringmaster is after nothing less than world domination – can the Clan of the Scorpion outwit him?

Expect lots of inventiveness (how do four meerkats manage to sneak on board a plane, for starters!), much wacky humour and plenty of adventure in this great new series for younger readers.

Published by Stripes


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