Make a Frame for Comic Relief!

rndlogo11On 18th March it’s Red Nose Day – that brilliant day when the whole country gets together to do something funny for money and improve countless lives in the process.

Raising money for Red Nose Day means you can really help change the lives of lots of people in need across the UK and Africa – and there’s so many really fun ways to do it too!

We’ve already given you a few ideas – making Gruffalo cakes or Monster Pizzas that you can sell to raise money – and today we have another really fun idea.

We’re sure you’ve got some fun pictures of you and your mates or family, so why not make a frame for them? You could even make lots of frames and then sell them to your friends and family to raise some money for Red Nose Day!

To help you out, we have the guide to help you making the ultimate monster frame!

Click the image below and print off the page. Then before you know it you’ll see your frames flying off the shelves and onto the walls all in the name of charity!

Have fun!