Make cakes with your favourite characters


In case you fancy trying your hand as a budding chef in the kitchen this weekend, we thought we’d tell you about a new range of cake mixes from Green’s for you to try out.

Green'skidmixesThey only take a few minutes to prepare and decorate and are a great introduction into cooking, especially since they don’t make a mess and get you in touble with mum!

Each kit lets you make popular characters like Barbie, Tom & Jerry and even the Fun Kids star Thomas & Friends!

There’s also an activity sheet in every box and collectible stickers too featuring the character, plus top tips on how to put together a fun party where you can serve your tasty cakes.

Your parents will be happy too because all Green’s cakes are made with only natural ingredients and no artificial colourings.

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The new range of Green’s kids’ cake mixes are available for £1.69 in Tesco stores nationwide.