Make your own Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin Lantern for Halloween!

club-penguin-logo-sqHalloween is almost here! We love Halloween as you get to dress up, eat sweets and tell each other spooky stories to scare your mates!

And now it’s got even better, because the people at Club Penguin have just made this cool video below showing you have to make a special Club Penguin Puffle Pumpkin Lantern for Halloween.

If you want to make one, click here to download your own Puffle lantern template.

All you need is a big Pumpkin, the spooky Puffle template, a pumpkin carving tool (TIP: you can pick a carving kit up at your local supermarket) a washable felt marker and some sticky tape.

Then watch the video below, which shows you how to put it all together!

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