Manatee poo alert

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A group of migrating manatees are responsible for leaving a trail of poo covering a mile on a Florida beach.

The beach at Humiston Park had to be closed whilst the smelly and strange looking debris was cleared away.

Officials concluded that it was manatee poo having done a smell and feel test – just gross!!

A poop eye witness said “I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve lived at beaches all my life. It was disgusting, but mystifying. It looked like Great Dane poop all along the beach!

Manatee poo usually sinks to the bottom of the sea, but eExperts think the poo washed onshore after strong winds stirred up the sea floor.

Facts on Manatees

  • They are commonly known as sea cows
  • They eat up to 45kgs of sea grass each day (useful if you need to cut the grass at home!!)
  • They are gentle giants
  • But are endangered and often injured by boat propellers as they like to live in warm waters close to the shore

See the video for a clip of what a Sea Cow looks like

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