Match of the Day Magazine Christmas Checklist!

5 things that prove you’re a proper footy fan on Christmas day!


1. Christmas Shinner!

You refuse to listen to the pleas of your mum and dad and wear your shinpads to Christmas dinner!

2. The Road To A Big Sulk!

You won’t let anyone (and we mean ANYONE) kick, bounce or throw your new football on the road – and it’s the end of the world if that new ball gets scuffed. “ARGH! I TOLD YOU NOT TO BOUNCE IT!”

3. Getting The Boot!

By 8am you’ve already been on the receiving end of a verbal volley from your mum for booting a mini-football into the Christmas tree! “HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU – THIS IS A LIVING ROOM, NOT A FOOTBALL PITCH!”

4. The Clasico Excuse!

You have to get dragged to the table for Christmas dinner because you’re halfway through an El Clasico on FIFA 16!

5. Boxing Clever!

You secretly can’t wait for it to be Boxing Day – waiting to put on your new shirt, socks, scarf and coat, go to football, eat a hot dog and then get home to watch Match Of The Day and eat some turkey butties!

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