McFly walk down Memory Lane

At Fun Kids we love McFly but we haven’t heard much from them in a while!

Well now the boys are going to be releasing a Greatest Hits album called Memory Lane.

It will be available to buy from the 26th November and will feature their brand new single called Love is Easy.

Here’s the tracklisting for the best-of album:

1. ‘Love is Easy’
2. ‘Shine a Light’ (radio edit)
3. ‘Party Girl’
4. ‘Falling in Love’ (radio edit)
5. ‘Do Ya’
6. ‘Lies’
7. ‘One for the Radio’
8. ‘The Heart Never Lies’
9. ‘Transylvania’
10. ‘Friday Night’
11. ‘Stargirl’
12. ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’
13. ‘I’ll Be OK’
14. ‘All About You’
15. ‘Room on the Third Floor’
16. ‘Obviously’
17. ‘Five Colours in Her Hair’
18. ‘Do Watcha’
19. ‘Cherry Cola’
20. ‘That Girl’ (original 2003 demo)
21. ‘Obviously’ (2003 demo)
22. ‘Memory Lane’

Loads of classics on there, but we can’t wait to hear the new single which will be available to download on November 18th!

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Here’s a reminder oh why we love McFly, it’s 5 Colours in Her Hair!

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