Meet Carly Shay

Carly ShayCarly Shay

Birthday: 24th July 1994

Played by: Miranda Cosgrove

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Best Friends: Sam Puckett, Freddie Benson, Gibby Gibson.

Siblings: Spencer Shay

Enemies: Nevel Papperman

Likes: Cupcakes, Gummybears, Lip Gloss, Her PearPhone, Hot/Bad Boys (like Griffin or Curt), Scars on Hot Boys, Her plastic dinosaur, Footie Pajamas, Her PearPad, Singing, Coconut Cream Pie, Spaghetti Tacos, Glitter Gloss, Peppy Cola, Cuddlefish, Coffee, Tapenade with crackers, Pini’s lasagna, Freddie Benson.

Dislikes: Homework, Uncool Adults, Sticky Objects, Wet Objects, Sam and Freddie fighting, Small Spaces, Missy Robinson, Nevel Papperman, Secrets being kept from her, Mice/Rats, Hobos, Come on Inn (the hotel at which they stayed in iTake on Dingo) Nora Dirshlitt.

Nicknames: Carly Girl (by Sam), Car0ls (by everyone; especially Sam), Cupcake (by Sam), Carlotta (by Sam), Kiddo (by Spencer), Kid (by Sam), Shay (by Sam) and MissyLittle Gumdrop (by her Granddad), Snug Bug (by her dad), Gummy Hearts (by Dana).


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