Meet Freddie Benson

Freddie BensonFreddie Benson

Birthday: 4th February 1994

Played by: Nathan Kress

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Best Friends: Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Gibby Gibson.

Likes: Carly Shay, Sam Puckett, Spencer Shay, Gibby Gibson, Principal Franklin, Nevel Papperman, Brad, Harper, T-Bo, Coconut Cream Pie, Perfectly preparing a pizza, Computers, Technology, Celebrities Underwater, World of Warlords, Galaxy Wars, Fencing, Pini’s lasagna, Lane Alexander, Model Trains, Baseball.

Dislikes: Nevel Papperman, Carly and Sam fighting, Marissa Benson (when she is overprotective of him.), Cort, When people stick ribs on his face, When Spencer teases him about eating his “Mushywooms”, Shannon Mitchell , Mushrooms, Asparagus

Talents: Tech stuff, Acting, British accents, Portraying vampires, Fencing, Math (Long Division), Shooting Arrows.


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