Meet Molly Moon

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Who is Molly Moon?

Molly Moon is an orphan, a time traveler, master hypnotist, mind reader, and star of the Molly Moon book series by Georgia Byng.

She may be a rusty tin on the outisde, but inside she is full of diamonds and so when Molly Moon finds a book on hypnotism, she ends up in a series of adventures that just may help catapult her from right at the bottom to the very top!


Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism

mollymoon hypnotism bookcoverThe first mind-blowing Molly Moon adventure! Orphan Molly Moon was found as a baby in a box marked ‘Moon’s Marshmallows’.
For ten miserable years she’s lived under the cruel rule of Miss Adderstone in grim Hardwick House. But her life changes overnight when she finds a mysterious book on hypnotism and discovers an amazing talent – the power to make people do anything she want them to.

Escaping from the orphange, Molly flies to New York in search of fame and fortune. But her adventures in hypnotism lead her into the clutches of a dangerous enemy .


Molly Moon and the Morphing Mystery

mollymoon morphing bookcoverThe hotly anticipated fifth mind-blowing adventure for Molly Moon!

Molly Moon is unstoppable! She’s a master hypnotist, a time-traveller and a mind-reader, and in this sizzling new story she harnesses a new power – morphing. Soon she and her twin brother Micky are swapping bodies with ladybirds, dogs, rats, even the Queen of England herself! But they can’t continue for ever . . . and unless they can get their hands on ‘The Advanced Arts’ hypnotism book, they will never get back to their own bodies.

Sabotaged by a gaggle of wicked women who want to destroy them, Molly and Micky must find a way to return to themselves in spite of all the dangerous surprises thrown their way.

Released 6th August


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