Meet Sam Puckett

Sam PuckettSam Puckett

Birthday: 17th April 1994

Played by: Jennette McCurdy

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Best Friends: Carly Shay, Freddie Benson, Gibby Gibson.

Siblings: Melanie Puckett

Likes: Cakes, Cuttlefish, Ham, Bacon (especially bolivian bacon), Fried Chicken, Ribs, Root Beer, Hot Dogs, Pork Chops, Steak, Meat, Meatballs, Muffins, Meat Golf, Big banners, Hobos, Tape, Selling stuff, Any food that is tasty, “Hate Me, Love Me” (Ginger Fox song), Tap dancing, Singing, Rapping, Her Mum, Galini Coconut Cream Pie, Fat Shakes, Quesadillas, Mental Hospital, Big Forks, Tetrazzini, The Penny Treasure, Reading, Pini’s lasagna, Tater tots

Dislikes: Missy Robinson, Niceness, Fighting with her best friend Carly, Having her hair pulled, Mornings, Homeworl, Uncool Adults, The word “panties”, Letter “Q” (because of its pointless tail), her twin sister, Pam Puckett, Striped shirts on boys, Teachers, Diet root beer/soda, School (except for lunch), Effort, Wade Collins, Nora Dirshlitt, Nevel Papperman, People, LeAnne Carter, Tasha (iNevel), Marissa Benson.

Talents: Tap dancing, Singing, Beating people up, Pranks, Popping balloons, by spitting watermelon seeds, Comedy, Rapping, Drawing, Finger painting.


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