Meet Super Shot Stealth Elf!


Element: Life

SuperShot_Stealth_Elf_PromoAs a small child, Stealth Elf awoke one morning inside the hollow of an old tree with no memory of how she got there. She was taken in by an unusually stealthy, ninja-like forest creature in the deep forest. Under his tutelage, she has spent the majority of her life training in the art of stealth fighting. After completing her training, she became a Skylander and set out into the world to uncover the mystery behind her origins.

Power: 175
Armour: 135
Agility: 220
Luck: 170

SSC_Keyshot_StealthStinger_FIN_HiRes.0SuperCharge with Stealth Stinger!

The Stealth Stinger is the ultimate forest ninja weapon! During covert Skylander operations, Stealth Elf uses its camouflage abilities and high velocity thorn rockets to get the drop on evil before they see it coming!

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