Meet the extraordinary dog Claude

Claude on Holiday lo-resRecently we’ve come across a series of interesting books written by Alex T Smith, starring a dog called Claude.

Clause is no ordinary dog though! He leads a life full of adventures with his sidekick, Sir Bobblysock!

When his owners, Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes leave for work, the fun begins, as Claude runs into everything from foiling a robbery, meeting pirates and joining the circus!

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The first book Claude in the City is already out and the latest book in the series is out from 7th July, called Claude on Holiday.

In the latest book Claude and Sir Bobblysock decide to go on holiday for the very first time. At first they do all the normal things – they build sandcastles, eat ice cream and sunbathe.

But then Claude meets pirates, discovers treasure and a whole exciting new adventure begins!

So if you fancy going on an adventure with Claude, make sure you check out this series by Alex T.Smith!