Meet the Monkey Police!

The Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, are about to kick off very soon and, as with all these massive events, security is a  big issue. Well the bosses over in India have gone with a very special type of security guard – monkeys!

s_57monkeyAt least 10 langurs – a large type of monkey – will be on duty outside Games venues in Delhi. However, their primary purpose is not to stop misbehaving humans, but instead – and this is where it gets even stranger – they are being deployed to prevent other misbehaving monkeys!

They already have a regular team of 28 langurs who are used to scare away their weaker brethren in VIP areas in Delhi, and they have now brought in another ten to help protect boxing and hockey stadiums, places seen as at large risk of experiencing monkey trouble.

These langurs, who are rather fierce and large, will be controlled by trained handlers and will be split amongst the boxing complex and hockey complex, with another two in reserve to respond in the event of an emergency.

This simply has to be our favourite story this year!

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