Meet ‘The Pain’ and ‘The Great One’

The Pain (aka Jake Porter) is six years old, and his sister, The Great One (aka Abigail Porter), is eight.  Like any siblings they drive each other crazy.  The Pain is sure his parents love The Great One much more than him. The Great One is sure The Pain is loved way more than her. In funny, characterful episodes, the Porter family comes to life as The Pain and The Great One battle it out in the small dramas of everyday life.

The Pain and The Great One battle it out in the small dramas of everyday life in a series of books for young readers by Judy Blume:

Soupy Saturdays

Soupy Saturdays

The Pain and The Great One experience the difficulties of bike-riding, there’s drama on the soccer pitch, a sleepover disaster – and ‘babysit’ a funny old dog who comes to stay

Cool Zone

The Pain and The Great One stand up to mean bully, Roger Culley; theyrescue Bruno the stuffed elephant form the jaws of death and Jake becomes a top waiter!

Cool Zone
Going, Going, Gone!

Going, Going, Gone!

Whether they are splashing around at the beach, whizzing down a super-slide or coming face-to-face with alligators, life is always an adventure for The Pain and The Great One

Friend or Fiend?

It’s Fluzzy’s birthday, and Jake and Abigail want to throw him the best party ever! But it’s not long before they start arguing, and it takes a seriously sticky ice-cream incident for them to make up.

Released 2nd July

The Pain and the Great One

And look out for …

Death Cloud

Young Sherlock Holmes: Death Cloud

The world’s most famous detective. The most brilliant mind in fiction. But before he became the great detective, who was young Sherlock Holmes?  The year is 1868, and Sherlock Holmes is fourteen. His life is that of a perfectly ordinary army officer’s son: boarding school, good manners, a classical education – the backbone of the British Empire.

But all that is about to change. With his father suddenly posted to India, and his mother mysteriously ‘unwell’, Sherlock is sent to stay with his eccentric uncle and aunt in their vast house in Hampshire. So begins a summer that leads Sherlock to uncover his first murder, a kidnap, corruption and a brilliantly sinister villain of exquisitely malign intent . . .

The Death Cloud is the first in a series of novels in which the iconic detective is reimagined as a brilliant, troubled and engaging teenager – creating unputdownable detective adventures that remain true to the spirit of the original books.

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