Mega Bloks Moshi Monsters

Do you love Moshi Monsters? We bet you also love Mega Bloks? Well if you are a big fan of Poppet and all the other Moshi Monsters you will just love Mega Bloks Moshi Monsters characters and play sets!

With Mega Bloks Moshi Monsters building sets you get to build your own Moshi world.

Get together with your friends and you can all play with your very own Moshlings and monsters… house them in the Moshling Zoo or build and rebuild other cool sets such as the Moshling Garden, Seeds Cart, Gross-ery Store, Bizarre Bazaar, Monster House, Ooh La Lane, or the iconic Treehouse!

New sets include the Moshi Monsters Build a Monster, Moshi Monsters House, Moshi Monsters Ooh La Lane AND the Moshi Monsters Treehouse!

There’s so much to do with these new play sets, us lot at Fun kids don’t know where to begin! We’re probably going to build a zoo to keep Josh in though!

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