Mighty Beanz™

Mighty-Beanz-LogoMighty Beanz™ are the new craze for the school playground – with over 100 awesome Beanz to collect, you never know which ones you are going to find.

Watch out, you may find Mighty Moose, the rarest of them all!

Spin Master, one of the leading toy manufacturers in the world, has just launched Mighty Beanz™ in the UK.  Mighty Beanz™ are whacky, plastic ‘bean’ shaped characters that roll with an unpredictable movement.

Each bean belongs to a specific “Bean Team”, that you can collect, trade and play with due to their zany and eccentric look and feel.

Each Mighty Beanz™ Bean Team has a rarity level – common, rare and ultra rare – that signifies its collectable value.

TMighty-Moose-Beanhere ARE over 100 new Beanz launching in Spring 2010 and some Beanz will be incredibly rare and difficult to find including a Mighty Moose bean, of which there will only be 1,000 in the UK.

Each pack of Mighty Beanz™ contains:

  • Either 3 or 6 Mighty Beanz™ (including one Mega Bean if you buy a 6 pack) for you to expand your personal collection
  • A mini poster
  • Remember there are over 100 Beanz to collect, including rare ones, and each have their own colourful graphics
  • Mighty Beanz™ are not just collectables, they can also be used to race, play games and perform tricks

A Mighty Beanz™ pack is a great way to start a collection (or expand one!), but why not really get things going with the Mighty Beanz™ Collectors Case or the addictive Mighty Beanz™ Flip Track.

Mighty Beanz™ – Let the School Ground Craze Begin!

Find out more about Mighty Beanz™ at www.mightybeanz.com