‘Milo Armadillo’ and ‘Gargoylz: Magic at the Museum’

For younger readers

MiloArmadilloMilo Armadillo
By Jan Fearnley

  • All Tallulah wants for her birthday is a pink fluffy rabbit, like all her friends have, but Gran gets in a muddle and knits her a pink, fluffy armadillo!
  • Milo Armadillo does his very best to be what Tallulah wants and joins in her games. He is good at jumping (but rabbits jump higher); he plays funky tunes (but rabbits play only classical music); and he can sail (so can rabbits).
  • Eventually Milo Armadillo gives up trying to be a pink, fluffy rabbit. He goes back to Gran to ask for a pink fluffy rabbit for Tallulah – and that’s when Tallulah realises what a special friend she’s already got.

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For older readers

Gargoylz_MagicAtMuseumGargoylz: Magic at the Museum
By Burchett & Vogler

  • Max and Ben have made friends with the ‘gargoylz’ from the local church – the small, stone creatures come to life and love to play tricks. When the boys smuggle the gargoylz on their sleepover at the Museum of Space and Time, trouble is bound to follow.
  • At the museum, the gargoylz are soon doing up to mischief. They play with the dinosaurs, bring the bones of the sabre-toothed tiger back to life, and ride and rocket to the moon.
  • Then the gargoylz decide to bring a pterodactyl called Jelly home with them….
  • Plenty of fun and mayhem that will appeal to children aged six years plus – and especially to boy readers. Each book comes with a ‘gargoylz’ character attached.

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