Monsuno: The Battle Begins!

If you like Monsuno then it’s definitely worth checking out the Monsuno: The Battle Begins DVD which is coming out on October 15th!

Monsuno is a genetic material that was discovered by the main character, Chase’s, father Jeredy Suno. He believes that it can solve the world’s energy problems but he soon uncovers out-of-this-world creatures with awesome powers.

He tries to control the monster’s powers for good,  but is forced underground leaving Chase, Bren and Jinja behind!

The DVD has 7 episodes which show the beginnings of Chase’s adventure to find his Dad, right through to when the gang infiltrate the S.T.O.R.M. headquarters to rescue a captured Monsuno.

You can also catch Monsuno on CITV and Nick Toons.

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Which Monsuno is your favourite?

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