My Hamster is a Genius!

If you listen to Pet Gallery in The Junior Club, you’ll know we love animals! And we’ve come across probably the most intelligent of all in a new book called My Hamster is a Genius!

It’s the first book in a new series called Stinky and Jinks and is about an average 9 year old named Benjamin Jinks who gets a new pet hamster called Jasper Stinkybottom. Unlike most hamsters (who are really stupid) Jasper Stinkybottom is a genius!

Together they are an awesome crime fighting team! Kind of like Batman and Robin…

…but BETTER!

In this book Stinky and Jinks have to overcome the evil plans of Benjamin’s maths teacher, Beardy McCreedy? He sounds mean!

It’s written by a guy called Dave Lowe and throughout there are loads of silly drawings by Mark Chambers like this one.

Also, if you want to get in the Stinky and Jinks mood, then you can read Stinky’s blog! That’s right! A hamster has a blog!

He blogs about how Ben never picks up his poo’s! How long he can run in his wheel and all the silly things that Ben says!

Just click here to read what happens in a hamsters life!