‘Nat Fantastic’ and ‘Small Change for Stuart’

For younger children

NatFantastic_BraveKnightsNat Fantastic and the Brave Knights of Old

By Giles Andreae, Katharine McEwan

Nat might be on the small side, but he is brave, bold and loves adventure. That is just as well because every time he sneezes, off he goes on a new quest! ‘Flash! Bang! Whizz! Kaboom! Nat Fantastic’s in the room!’

First he has to fight a dual to rescue a damsel in distress, next he’s storming a castle full of baddies, and finally he gets to enjoy a feast of sausages – his favourite!

Luckily, he also arrives home just in time for tea. A perfect story for all budding superheroes!

Published by Orchard Books


For older children

SmallChangForStuartSmall Change for Stuart

By Lissa Evans

This story is full of magic and mystery. When ten year old Stuart discovers that a money box left by his mysterious great uncle Tony is full of old threepence pieces, he begins a very strange adventure.

Along with the coins, his great uncle has left a series of clues at the local museum and library that lead Stuart to uncover what lay behind his uncle’s mysterious disappearance and the magic devices he left behind.

Stuart is helped by the triplet girls who live next door and together they work out each of the clues and outsmart the villains to find great uncle Tony’s secret workshop and its magical Well of Wishes.

This story has time travel, dastardly villains, lots of machinery and some seriously good adventures!

Published by Doubleday


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