New Creature discovered at Kent Farm!

Image 12 Kent LifeStaff at a Kent farm have reported the discovery of a new creature. The friendly arrival was found nestling with the piglets and goats in the ‘cuddle corner’ at Kent Life, Maidstone’s 28 acre, premier heritage farm.

After investigating further, Emily Hirons, the new General Manager for Kent Life spotted some tell-tale signs as to who the “red, hairy and not very scary” creature belonged to.

Image 9 Kent Life“It’s obvious when you think about it, I must admit we’re quite embarrassed it took us so long to work it all out, the colour was the clue!”

After cautiously approaching the unexpected guest, the staff member spotted a nugget of information to solve the mystery of the owner of the somewhat surprising discovery.

“It had a small marking on its body – property of Comic Relief.”

It is thought that Honkus – his name confirmed to Kent Life by a relieved member of Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day team – had been drawn to the farm by the family of friendly animals at the farm.

Image 4 Kent LifeStaff believe he decided to visit the farm to spread the news that Red Nose Day is happening tonight, bigger and better than before.

Honkus is one of three monster Red Noses that can be found in Sainsbury’s stores all across Kent, along with his two friends Captain Conk and Chucklechomp.

Visit for more news about the Red Noses, and for ideas on how to do something funny for money this Red Nose Day and help change the lives of people in need across the UK and in Africa.

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