Nicolo and FYD Kicked Out of X Factor

Nicolo_Festa_newThis week saw the first live show of The X Factor, and every performance was of an undoubtedly high quality.

However, two had to go and those unfortunate acts were FYD and Nicolo.

The cool Italian Nicolo went out first, having got the lowest number of votes that week. However, FYD had the chance to fight to stay on by going head to head with Katie, who was also in this week’s botttom three.

FYD_newBoth FYD and Katie performed in the showdown and crucially Louis decided to agree with Cheryl and Dannii by sending home FYD.

Personally we were gutted to see Nicolo go out as he was easily one of the most interesting characters in the competition. However, the song did not seem to suit him, making you question whether Dannii was to blame for Nicolo’s early exit.

Tell us what you think!

Click here to see both their performances this week that led to FYD and Nicolo being sent out