Oh Oh Ohhhh Its Magic – with the Fun Kids Toyologist

Pete, our Toyologist, has been back in to talk about some more great toys

eyeballsFreaky Eyeball Illusions – £14.99

  • This years hottest property from the magical kingdom of Marvins Magic is this set of 13 tricks that all involve, yes you guessed it eyeballs.
  • From easy peasy tricks to some that take a little more practice, but its all worth it. From making your audience think you can control the size of the eyeballs and hypnotise them to making the colourful eyeballs float in mid air and even disappear and jump from place to place.
  • Very impressive, just put on your black coat and tell your audience to keep  their eyes on the show.
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Marvins Magic marvinshatfullHat Full of Tricks – – £16.99 from www.play.com

  • Everything you need to put on a show at home, loads of tricks inside for plenty of performances, just take a little time to polish up your Paul  Daniels type skills and then you’re ready to wow your friends and relatives.
  • The set includes professional magic tricks and routines like  the Cup and Ball trick, the Incredible Appearing Card on Rope, the  vanishing Dice Illusion and many more – remember never reveal your  secrets to the grown ups!

Ultimate Magic Club – artfulArtful Magic set – £7.99 from www.alakazam.co.uk

  • The Artful Magic Set includes an Instant Painting prop that lets you change a picture from full colour to black and white in an instant, masterpiece Cards, a Foam Ball and Cube where you can make foam shapes change colour and shape as you swap hands.
  • Also there is a DVD inside to watch the magicians perform the tricks they invented and show you a few tips too.
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Ultimate Magic Club – Food Magic – £7.99 from www.alakazam.co.ukfoodmagic

  • You don’t need any skills in the kitchen to impress with food, it is much better to use it in a show.
  • This kit contains plenty of tricks to impress, a Magic Egg Bag Set with a secret pocket to make them disappear and re-appear.
  • Food cards for tantalising card tricks, the perplexing pickles trick to have folk thinking you have an endless supply of these pickles popping up from your fingertips and the Sneaky Squeaker that makes food, toys, and just about anything else go squeak!
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