‘Oliver and the Noisy Baby’ and ‘The Great Cat Conspiracy’

For younger children

Oliver_NoisyBabyOliver and the Noisy Baby

By Mara Bergman, Nick Maland

If you’ve got a noisy baby brother or sister, then you’ll know exactly what Oliver is up against in this story about Oliver Donnington Rimington-Sneep, whose baby sister refuses to sleep!

After listening to her crying all day and all night, Oliver Donnington Rimington-Sneep decides it’s time to be someplace else. He gets in his plane and leaves for an adventure.

He visits icy polar lands, African plains and dense jungles where he sees lots of animals with their young playing, roaring and chasing.

But home is where Oliver Donnington Rimington-Sneep wants to be at the end of the day and thankfully, he discovers he has the best idea for getting baby to sleep.

This is a brilliant story for anyone who likes planes, polar bears, jungles, roaring tigers – and lots of noise!

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For older children

GreatCatConspiracyThe Great Cat Conspiracy

By Katie Davies, Hannah Shaw

Don’t worry if you don’t like cats – you’ll still love this book! It’s about a cat, but a cat that simply disappears one day.

The cat is Tom’s new family pet. Tom is thrilled, but he’s not so pleased about all the dead things it keeps bringing into the house. There are dead birds, dead mice, dead insects….

But even worse is the dead fish it brings home one day – or rather, the head of a dead fish. The fish was the vicar’s Koi Carp (a very expensive one, too) so there are some very unhappy adults about. And that’s when the cat disappears….

No one knows what has happened to the new cat but Tom, Anna and Suzanne draw up their list of suspects and an investigation gets underway. Naturally, the vicar is Number One suspect.

This turns into a great detective story with lots of vital clues, more number one suspects than you’d believe, and several dead ends. There are also lots of laughs and some great illustrations.

Published by Simon & Schuster


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