One Direction announce their new album!

One Direction have already told us that their album is going to be called Take Me Home. But now they’ve leaked what songs will be on the album!

The full tracklisting includes Live While We’re Young but we’ve never heard of the other songs. That means there’s lots of new 1D hits to come!

The track listing looks like this…

1. ‘Live While We’re Young’
2. ‘Kiss You’
3. ‘Little Things’
4. ‘C’mon, C’mon’
5. ‘Last First Kiss’
6. ‘Heart Attack’
7. ‘Rock Me’
8. ‘Change My Mind’
9. ‘I Would’
10. ‘Over Again’
11. ‘Back For You’
12. ‘They Don’t Know About Us’
13. ‘Summer Love’

Deluxe/Yearbook edition:

14. ‘She’s Not Afraid’
15. ‘Loved You First’
16. ‘Nobody Compares’
17. ‘Still The One’

It definitely looks like it will be worth getting the deluxe edition for those 4 extra squeezes of wonderment!

If you want to stay up to date with the latest One Direction songs then listen to The Club with Luke every weekday from 4pm as he’s always playing the latest 1D tunes!

You can listen to Fun Kids on DAB radio throughout London and online across the UK!

Here’s something to keep you going until the new album. It’s the boys’ latest single Live While We’re Young!

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