Our Books of the Week!

For younger children

BarryFishScaryMonsterBarry the Fish with Fingers and the Hairy Scary Monster

By Sue Henra

This is another deep sea adventure for Barry, the very special fish with fingers.

Barry loves playing games and his favourite is hide and seek. But when his little friend Puffy fish hides inside an old wreck and discovers a hairy scary monster, Barry has to go to the rescue.

The hairy scary monster is very hairy, and very scary! It’s also very purple. Luckily, Barry realises there is more to the hairy scary monster than meets the eye and finds a way to sort out the monster, and all his friends.

This story has lots of fish, some counting and some great hiding places! Oh, and a very hairy but not really that scary monster….

Published by Simon & Schuster – £5.99


For older children

YouMeThingYou, Me and Thing: The Curse of the Jelly Babies

By Karen McCombie, Alex T Smith

Next-door neighbours Ruby and Jackson take an instant dislike to each other until they discover Thing – a small creature, a bit like a cat with wings, lots of attitude, and some handy magic tricks.

Thing lives at the bottom of their gardens because its own home in the woods was destroyed by developers. When Thing decides to get its own back on the development, Ruby and Jackson find themselves up to their eyeballs in jelly babies, magic and TROUBLE (big trouble).

Look out for mean squirrels, a giant cloud of wasps, a house full of jelly babies and a million butterflies.

Published by Faber – £4.99


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