Our chat with one of the stars from Paper Planes!

We caught up with Ed Oxenbould!


There’s a new movie out now called Paper Planes!

It’s all about eleven year old Dylan is having a pretty tough time from the school bully until a regional paper plane tournament is announced at his primary school…

Dylan soon discovers he’s a natural when it comes to creating the ultimate paper plane!

His talent takes him on an adventure all the way to Japan for the world championships.

We got the chance to chat to Ed who plays Dylan in the film!


First things first, I’m sure you’ve been asked this loads but how good were your paper plane skills before making the movie and how good are they now?

Before making the movie I could make a pretty good plane that could fly pretty far – but after filming & learning all the tips and tricks, I can fly a pretty mean paper plane!

What’s it like being in a big movie like this as opposed to short films and TV?

When you’re the lead in a film it means being on set every day for weeks!

There are some pretty big stars in the movies you’re in, what’s it like working with people like Steve Carrell and Sam Worthington?

It’s an honour to work alongside them, I try to learn from them – but it’s just a lot of fun hanging with them, especially Steve who of course is really funny!

Steve Carrell is the main character in Despicable Me 1 & 2 (a Fun Kids favourite) would you like to give animation a try? If so, who would you like to play?

Yes I’d love to give animation a go! It’s definitely something that looks fun. I see myself playing some sort of animal.

Do you get to miss loads of school to be in these films?

I do get to go away from school for long periods of time but when I’m on set I have to do lots of schoolwork with a tutor so there’s no escaping it!

We have loads of young listeners who would love to get into acting, what are your top tips?

Be patient and learn to deal with rejection! Most things you go for you don’t get so you just need to learn to let them go. If you really want to go for it then do some classes and stick with it. It’s a lot of fun!

Watch the trailer for Paper Planes below…

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