Our favourite April Fools!


So it’s just been the 1st April which means loads of us were fooling for April Fools tricks!

We’ve got together some of our favourite funny tricks that happened.


Stink Waves

Obviously one of our favourite April Fools was our own ‘Stink Waves’!

We tricked Jamie and Luke into thinking that they were broadcasting smell as well as sound.

They tried to get you guys to put your nose next to your radios and smell One Direction.

We also managed to trick Team Josh into making a demonstration video…


Google Nose

Google ended up doing something really similar to us.

They made everyone think that you’d be able to smell the things you searched for.

Check out the video they made…



Hotel website Hotels.com put up an advert for a room in Buckingham Palace!

The price was £10,000 a night!




The Whitehouse

And this was definitely one of our favourite fools.

The Whitehouse (the place where the President of the U.S.A. lives) released this funny video starring ‘Kid President’…


Is there anything that you got tricked by? Let us know in the comment box below.

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