Play Games with Mariella Mystery!


There is a new series of book by Kate Pankhurst starring a very cool detective called Mariella Mystery!

mariella-mystery-booksShe’s a totally amazing girl detective, aged 9 and a bit! For her no mystery is too mysterious – she’s able to solve super trick cases even before breakfast!

There are two books out now – The Ghostly Guinea Pig and A Cupcake Conundrum – and each one is full of funny pictures, adventures and tips to help you become a top detective too!

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To become a detective like Mariella, it’s important to think the way she does. Which is why we’ve got hold of some cool Mariella Mystery games for you to play.

Just click on an image below to download the activity sheet!

Colour in Mariella Mystery!

Make a Door Hanger all Detectives need!

 Mariella-Colouring-Sheet-small  Mariella-Door-Hanger-small

Test your brain with Mariella’s Wordsearch!

Make your Mariella Mystery Kit!

 Mariella-Wordsearch-small  Mariella-Mystery-Kit-Sheet-Small