Play Gigglebies Games!


This past week we came across a colourful group of characters who live in the friendly town of Gigglesbury. They are a part of a wonderful series of games that are ideal for your younger brothers and sisters (or even yourself!). They are called Gigglebies Games.

These games are educational, teaching children basic computer skills along with developing early learning skills. These include skills such as mouse control, shape and colour recognition, listening and observation, and many more. However, most importantly, these games are really fun too!
The themes of Gigglebies Games are based around the main characters, Tipi and Scoot Gigglebie, and their friendly neighbours, as they go on adventures and generally enjoy life in the friendly environment of Gigglesbury.

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You can  do jigsaw puzzles with Marsie Gigglebie, visit Farmer Chump on his farm, help Mrs Moogle find her missing cakes or even travel through time with Scoot and his sister Tipi! Each game contains unique adventures and games to make sure you never get bored.

At the moment there are four games in the Gigglebies series, including:

  • jamGigglebies_ps1_300dpiGigglebies Garden Party
    Age range: 2-5
    Join Tipi and Scoot as they visit their neighbours and help them complete activities so that they can come to the ‘Garden Party.’
  • Gigglebies Fruity Park
    Age range: 3-6
    The occupants of Gigglesbury visit the fabulous fairground ‘Fruity Park’. Completing the activities, opens the great fruity rides!
  • Gigglebies Adventure Islands
    Age range: 4-7
    There are exciting experiences to be had as the Gigglebies explore the ‘Adventure Islands’ and the deep blue sea!
  • Gigglebies Gigglesbury Castle
    Age range: 3-5
    Join Tipi, Scoot and Inventor Binks aboard the Time machine! Journey back in time with them and meet the King and Queen of Gigglesbury Castle!

If you want to see just how fun these games are, you can trial the software for free! Just go to