Play Undercover Pirate Games!


We know lots of you a re fans of adventure books like Beast Quest so we thought we’d tell you about a new series featuring pirates!


It’s called Sam Silver: Undercover Pirate and follows the adventures of Sam Silver, a normal boy who finds an ancient gold doubloon that whisks him back in time to 1705!

Suddenly he’s on board a pirate ship surrounded by a fearsome capatin and his crew sailing the Caribbean Sea!

And if Sam can’t think of a very good reason why they should keep him alive, he’ll be forced to walk the plank!

The first two books Skeleton Island and The Ghost Ship are out from 7th June – click here to find out more

Sam Silver: Undercover Pirate is written by Jan Burchett and Sara Vogler, and published by Orion Children’s Books

These look like great books for anyone who wishes they could be a pirate! And to get you in the mood, we’ve also got some cool games for you to play.

Just click on one of the activity sheets below to start playing!

Design a Flag


Colour in the Map


Pirate Wordsearch


Message in a Bottle