Police File: Atticus Claw

Full Name: Atticus Grammaticus Cattypuss Claw

Current Location: Littleton on Sea

Fur: Brown & Black Tabby

Noticeable Features: Red handkerchief around neck; chewed left ear.

Current Job: Detective.

Past Work: The world’s greatest cat burglar.

Known Acquaintances: Cheddar kids – Callie and Michael – , Mrs Cheddar, Mr and Mrs Tucker, Mimi (Girlfriend).

Known Enemies: Jimmy Magpie, Ginger Biscuit.


This brown and black tabby has real cattitude. However, trained by an ex-KGB agent in the art of disguise, sightings of Atticus are limited at best.

Sources say he’s settled in with a family and gone legit, turning his skills to cat-detecting instead.

But whatever he’s doing now this is not a cat to mess with!


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