Police File: Inspector Cheddar

Full Name: Inspector Ian Cheddar

Current Location: Littleton on Sea

Current Job: Police Inspector

Known Acquaintances: Atticus Claw; Cheddar’s kids – Callie and Michael, Mrs Cheddar.

Known Targets: Ginger Biscuit; Jimmy Magpie & Gang; Zenia Klob.

Criminal Record: None of course! But always gets himself into trouble when fighting crime.


Detective Inspector Ian Cheddar has taken Atticus in and they currently reside together!

No one quite knows why a serious policeman like Inspector Cheddar would take in a criminal mastermind like Atticus.

Some say Atticus kept his thieving a secret – creeping about at night and sucking up to everyone in the family during the day. Before finally turning over a new leaf – going straight and helping Inspector Cheddar solve crimes.

But despite Atticus’s help, or maybe sometimes because of it, Cheddar just keeps getting in a pickle.



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