Popstar of the Year: Cher Lloyd

cherlloyd2011The success of X Factor contestants is no longer a surprise – just look at how many have been nominated for our Popstar of the Year!

However, what Cher Lloyd has done is very special. She’s proven that not only don’t you have to win the show, in fact you don’t even need to reach the final! Despite coming fourth in the show, she has had a whirlwind year.

Despite getting knocked out, Cher Lloyd was quickly signed by Simon Cowel to his record label Syco Music and they got to work fast – she released her single before any other of that year’s contestants.

cher-lloyd-sticks-and-stones-albumHer debut single Swagger Jagger came out in June and instantly hit number-one in the UK chart and has sold over 200,000 copies.

This was soon followed by her second single With Ur Love, a fun summer tune which was released at the end of October. Again the single was a great success, reaching number-four in the UK and was the tune she performed on her return to The X Factor as a certified popstar!

The two singles have now been viewed over 42 million times on YouTube.

And listening to her album Sticks + Stones, there are plenty more exciting tracks to come! It seems quite a few other people agree with us too as it has reached number-four in the Albums Charts.

cher-lloyd22011 might be a tad too early for Cher, but looking at her plans for 2012 it seems she could well be a contender for years to come. Plans have been announced for her album to come out in USA and in March she will be kicking off her very own headline tour!

So do you think Cher Lloyd has done enough to win Popstar of the Year? Let us know!

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