Popstar of the Year: Cheryl Cole

cheryl-cole-messy-little-raindrops-albumAfter a truly spectacular 2009, which saw her establish herself as a solo artist, Cheryl Cole has just carried on getting bigger and bigger in 2010!

The early part of 2010 saw her cement herself across the world as Fight For This Love went number one in Denmark, Norway and Hungary, and later certified platinum in the UK.

Then her second single 3 Words, featuring Will.I.Am, went to number four in the UK, number five all the way over in Australia and was her second single to be certified platinum!

cheryl-cole-9054313041Confirming her rise as a solo popstar, Cheryl Cole teamed up with another of our contenders for Popstar of the Year, The Black Eyed Peas. Cheryl was the support act on their The E.N.D. World Tour, performing at British and European shows.

Her performances came in for massive praise, with Chris Johnson of the Daily Mail writing, “she was supposed to be the support act. But at it turned out, Cheryl Cole ended up being the main event.”

Keen to maintain the momentum, in March Cheryl began working on a second album called Messy Little Raindrops, which was released at the beginning of November.

Cheryl-ColeThe first single from the album Promise This came out a week before and shot to the top of the charts for her second number one in the UK. It also became the biggest selling first-week non-charity single of the year, selling over 157,000 copies!

Messy Little Raindrops was just as successful as Cheryl’s first album, once again reaching number one in the UK.

And of course, she was one of the judges on that little show The X Factor too!

So despite getting a nasty bout of malaria halfway through the year, Cheryl Cole is still definitely one of the strongest contenders for our Popstar of the Year! But what matters is what you think – let us know!

Here’s the official video for Cheryl Cole‘s single Promise This.

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