Popstar of the Year: Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber

Why should Justin Bieber be our Popstar of the Year?

Justin Bieber Selfie 2Well, he’s one of the most famous singers on the entire planet*! *Not including Jedward of course

But apart from hearing about him every other day, Justin’s been on tour for the whole year as well as recording a new album.

He was also very lovely and thought up a way to make our Mondays better by giving us a brand new song from the album every week in #MusicMondays.

So on the run up to Christmas we got to hear all of his new music from the brand new album.

AND he even had time to make a 3D movie. Lots of cool stuff from Mr. Biebs this year.


Still don’t know who to choose? Check out some of our favourites…

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