Prisoners in the Palace

prisoners-in-the-palaceWe have found a fantastic new book combining real historical facts with great imagination to create an exciting story about how Princess Victoria became Queen with the help of her maid, a reporter, and a scoundrel.

Set in London, 1836, Prisoners in the Palace stars a young girl called Liza, who has her dreams of her society debut ruined when her parents are killed in an accident.

Penniless, she accepts the job of lady’s maid to Princess Victoria and steps into a world full of gossip and rumours, whether with the servants below-stairs or the nobles above.

Based on newly discovered information about Queen Victoria and our country in those times, Prisoners in the Palace is the perfect way for kids and adults to learn a bit about history in a really fun, interesting way!

Prisoners in the Palace is written by Michaela MacColl and publised by Chronicle Books. It is available for £9.99.

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