Quirky Tales on Fun Kids

Quirkytales---the-logoEvery day in Giggle at 12.45am you can hear our brand new series called Quirky Tales.

Based on the audio stories by Caroline Coxon, you can listen to these funny and entertaining stories that are intelligent, original and, yes, quirky!

Check out some of the stories you can listen to below.

If you want to listen to these stories whenever you want, then make sure you visit quirkyshop.co.uk to buy them!

The Great Wheelie Bin Robbery



Wolfie can hold his breath for ages! Just as well when all the wheelie bins go missing and there’s an awful smell of rotting rubbish everywhere.

The Incredible Blue Crew to the rescue! Who are they? A mysterious boffin called H…Jelly Boy, who sounds like a whoopee cushion when he changes shape…and a little alien called Beep, who’s very difficult to understand.

With the help of Wolfie’s special skills, can the Incredible Blue Crew defeat the Arch Lord Muck and his evil band of rubbish-heap dwelling Stenchmen, to save the world from an everlasting pong, and be home in time for tea?

The Mysterious Disappearing Flower



Willow can’t stand bullies!

When she rescues a tiny creature from rat-faced Digby Dugdale’s stomping boots, she is shot into a world of adventure with the Moon Unit – feisty Lorelei La Luna, Moondancer, the mystical flying pony and, of course, Saltamontes, the Spanish grasshopper, who arrived by mistake in a crate of olives.

The last ever ghost orchid in the world is in peril, hunted down by Evil Professor Stehlenblume and his Fairly Evil Assistant, Dibber.

With Willow’s help, could the Moon Unit be in time to rescue the flower from extinction?


For more information about Quirky Tales visit quirkyworks.co.uk