Read about ‘Egg’ and ‘Jack’s Fantastic Voyage’!


By Alex T Smith

We may all know the traditional tales of hungry foxes and clever hens, but Egg certainly puts a twist on all that!

The story is all about an egg – surprisingly! – who ends up at the house of a fox called Foxy DuBois.

Foxy DuBois’ invites Egg in for ‘a BITE to eat’ and is the perfect hostess, giving Egg delicious food, playing games and then inviting Egg to stay over. She has another agenda though. Egg, she decides, will make a tasty breakfast!

However, the next morning Egg hatches, and it is Foxy who finds herself on the menu….

This is a great picture book full of funny pictures that give hints about Foxy’s real intentions – try looking out for the recipe book that’s full of egg recipes – and the twist on the final pages gives a very satisfying finish!

Published by Hodder Children’s Books


JacksFantasticVoyageJack’s Fantastic Voyage

By Michael Foreman

Jack’s grandfather is an old sea captain and Jack loves to hear his stories of daring and bravado when he goes to stay with him in the summer months.

However, the other children don’t believe that his grandfather has ever been to sea and Jack begins to doubt the stories he tells. But one night, when Jack’s grandfather is telling his latest adventure, a storm begins to blow and before Jack knows what’s happening, he is steering an old wooden ship through strange seas.

Soon Jack and his grandfather are sailing through both dangers and wonderful sights on a proper seafaring adventure!

This is a great story full of strange sea creatures, sailing boats and adventure!

Published by Andersen Press


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