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Xbox 360 4GB Bundle with KinectThis past week Christmas came a little bit early for us at Fun Kids, as we were sent the brand new Kinect sensor to try out!

Just in case you’re not aware, the Kinect for Xbox 360 is Microsoft‘s brand new motion-sensor technology, similar to that of the Wii and Playstation Move.

However, unlike anything else out there, Kinect doesn’t need any controls – it turns your entire body into the controller!

We must admit that we were sceptical as to how effective this would be. However, Kinect honestly lives up to its claims as being revolutionary for computer gaming!

Kinect for Xbox 360 - LifestyleIt is incredible as to just how accurately it picks up your movement, and when you first start playing it is the small things that you really notice and make it so enjoyable.

For example, while waiting to do the long jump, you can actually make your player stretch, wave to the crowd and even scratch their head!

Even in the ‘menu’ mode it is exciting! Moving your hands up and down changes the options and you can do different motions, such as sliding your hands across you, to activate different things. It is the closest yet we have felt to being in Minority Report and it honestly feels as cool as it seems!

kinect-carsWhat will be interesting is how enjoyable the Kinect still is after these arguably novel bits wear off. However, this is where we think the Kinect really has moved on from the likes of the Wii.

By using the Xbox 360, the effects are leaps and bounds ahead Рjust try playing Kinectimals which is essentially a game where  you get to play around with lots and lots of really cute animals! The animals are amazingly lifelike, which allows for a different type of game that cannot be copied on the Wii.

However, the biggest sense you get when playing the Kinect is more the potential that it has. It is by no means complete.

kinectjumpFor example, the football game in Kinect Sports – whilst great fun that you can actually ‘kick’ the football – is rather limited and can get boring quite quickly. However, you just feel that this is really only the beginning.

Since there are already games that incorporate running and movement, there is no reason where this cannot be combined to create a really engrossing game of football. Personally, we can’t wait for a Fifa game to come out on Kinect, altough it may highlight just how bad at playing football we are!

And this is where we think Kinect gets really exciting. As games start meeting the potential¬† Kinect offers that is when we think Kinect will really threaten to take over the Wii‘s dominance in motion sensor gaming.

Check out Kinectimals and Kinect Sports in the video clips below!

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