Read the new books Mariella Mystery!


If you’re a fan of books like Clarice Bean and Diary of a Wimpy Kid then you should meet Mariella Mystery!

She’s a totally amazing girl detective, aged 9 and a bit! For her  no mystery is too mysterious – she’s able to solve super tricky cases even before breakfast!

Written by Kate Pankhurst each book is full of funny pictures, adventures and tips to help you become a top detective too!

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To introduce you to Mariella Mystery properly, here’s the inside scoop on the first two books in the series:

Mariella Mystery Investigates…
The Ghostly Guinea Pig

When Mariella’s teacher Miss Crumble spots the ghost of her pet guinea pig, Mr Darcy, in her back garden, she doesn’t know what to think.

But Mariella knows it’s up to her and her fellow Mystery Girls to get to the bottom of The Case of the Ghostly Guinea Pig

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Mariella Mystery Investigates…
A Cupcake Conundrum

Someone is trying to sabotage the Great Puddleford Bake-Off, ‘Bake or Break’. And it’s up to Mariella and her Mystery Girls to work out who!

But will they  be able to save the Victoria sponges and pavlovas or will the entire contest turn into a Cupcake Catastrophe and Kitchen Nightmare?

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