Fun Kids Expert Review: National Sea Life Centre


At Fun Kids we’ve got a range of experts that know loads about toys, computer games, days out and all sorts. Recently Charles and Joseph went down to do our first Fun Kids Experts report.

The National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham have just opened their brand new Penguin Ice Adventure. Charles (6) and Joseph (4) from Smethwick, plus Percy the class Penguin from Abbey Infants, went to check it out for Fun Kids.

penguins5There’s plenty to see at the SEA LIFE Centre even before you get to the Penguins. Joe loved the colourful tropical fish especially the Clown Fish. “They look just like Nemo!” he said. The funny thing is that the grown up Clown Fish that look like Nemo … are actually all girls!

Charles liked the Rays; they’re strange looking big flat fish with diamond shaped bodies. To find the penguins Charles and Joseph went down behind reception to start the magical Ice Adventure.

Here the colony of Gentoo Penguins have their very own icy home, as close as possible to how it would be in the Antarctic (that’s where the South Pole is, right at the bottom of the planet). These penguins are classified as “near threatened” by conservationists. This means they’re quite rare and we need to look after their habitats. The penguins enclosure is refrigerated so that it stays at the right temperature.

Joseph said, “It is really good that there are penguins in Birmingham because we are a long way from the seaside and Antarctica is even more far away.”

Birmingham really is a long way from Antarctica: over fifteen THOUSAND kilometres in fact!


The penguins’ tanks contain over 70,000 litres of icy water. To fill up the giant tanks the SEA LIFE Aquarium had to call in the help of the Fire Service! The Penguins were very interested in Percy the toy penguin, one little fellow even following him backwards and forwards! Charles said “It was so funny when the little penguin thought Percy was real!”

penguins2You can even walk through the tanks in a cool underground tunnel and see the Penguins enjoying swimming and diving and both boys had fun waving at the cheeky penguins as they swooshed past. At the end of the tunnel you can find out even more about these cute little guys on TV screens.

If you want a memory of your visit you can even grab a Penguin Selfie!

So would you go again boys? “DEFINITELY!” Check the Penguin Ice Adventure out for yourself at The National SEA LIFE Centre in Birmingham:

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