REVIEWS: Star Trek, Iron Man

Our friends at FILMCLUB are tellis us what they think about the coolest movies out in cinemas and on DVD…

Star Trek Into Darkness (DVD, 12, 2013)

Ryan, age 10

This film ticked all the boxes for me. It had a good, solid, compelling plot, a few comical moments, etc. JJ Abrams (director) has yet again captured the original Star Trek story, but has given it a makeover to create a visually amazing action packed blockbuster. JJ Abrams makes the impossible, possible. JJ Abrams is now with Steven Spielberg in my favourite directors of all time.

I thought that in the previous Star Trek (2009) the baddie was a bit tacky and pathetic but in this Benedict Cumberbatch has delivered a whole new dimension of bad guys to find the perfect sweet spot where this film keeps it mild humour but also has a cruel, evil villain.

When I saw the first Star Trek I was blown away. My expectations were extremely high for this. I watched it and I was blown away, even more. This film definitely lived up to its expectations. I think that Star Trek Into Darkness is by far better than the first. If they make a second sequel I will definitely be watching it on the big screen.

When USS Enterprise is called back home to Earth, they only find that they are being terrorised by one of their own. Captain Kirk and his crew travel through intergalactic space to capture this villain of mass destruction. Enterprise find that they are only playing a big game between life and death.

I highly recommend that you watch this masterpiece.


Iron Man 3 (DVD, 12, 2013)

Lily, aged 16

Tony Stark – the billionaire mechanic who doubles up as the mighty Iron Man – is someone who is very familiar with saving the world from terrible villains, as we witnessed in both of the previous Iron Man films. But what happens when you strip one of our most beloved superheroes of his costume, mask, powers and possessions? Well, you get Iron Man 3!

We see the world of Tony Stark come crashing down at the mercy of The Mandarin, one of Marvel’s most fearsome villains (brilliantly portrayed by Ben Kingsley). Despite all the odds being against him, Stark ventures on a journey to find his enemy and is forced to rebuild himself as Iron Man. The film takes an interesting ‘back-to-basics’ approach making it not your average superhero film. What’s really clever is that we get to see more vulnerable side of Tony Stark as he has to survive alone, depending on his own intelligence and skill. The knock he takes actually motivates him to become a stronger and better Iron Man than ever before – you will be blown away by the brand new suit!

The film is unique in how it not only rounds off the Iron Man trilogy but is also a follow up to Avengers Assemble. I felt like this gave the audience a greater insight into Iron Man’s journey and allowed for his character to resonate in a far deeper way.

Robert Downey Jr owns the lead role of Iron Man once again – I really couldn’t imagine anyone else playing the part. He delivers one-liners brilliantly with the wit and sarcasm intended in the script, written by Shane Black and Drew Pearce. In fact, the whole film has a really great comedic touch, making it the perfect blockbuster if you are after both thrills and laughs.

Marvel films have previously achieved magnificent box office success and I’m sure the case will be no different for Iron Man 3. The director, Shane Black, expressed just how difficult it is to make superhero movies. He said Iron Man 3 took a whole two years to make and work had actually begun on it before Avengers Assemble. All the hard work has undoubtedly paid off because what Black has made is a smart, engaging and thrilling superhero movie that appeals to everyone!”


Justin and the Knights of Valour (PG, 2013)

11-year-old FILMCLUB member Stephanie went along to a sneak preview of new animation film Justin and the Knights of Valour. If you can’t wait to see it and want to find out what Stephanie thought of the film, just read her review below!

“’Justin and the Knights of Valour’ is an animation to inspire. This film tells the story of Justin, who is living in a town full of rules and regulations…

Justin’s father is a lawyer, and a successful one at that! He is a rule writer, and works along side the queen to bring the town to order. Justin’s father wants him to follow in his footsteps, but instead, Justin is determined to be a knight.

Knights have been banished, outlawed but he persists and continues to dream that one day, maybe soon, he will prove he has what it takes to once more shine light on his Grandfathers heroic name. And so Justin set’s off to complete his quest, but little does he know that his proper challenge will begin later in the story…

‘Justin and the Knights of Valour’ is a wonderful creation of producer and actor Antonio Banderas. I find it a highly recommendable family film for all ages and children of all interests.

‘Justin and the Knights of valour’ is an amazing tale of bravery and loyalty of the highest kind. I thought it was truly adventurous with all the twists and turns in the story. One of my favourite parts was a very humorous scene where Justin is telling non-interested Lara – a pretty and very rich lady in the kingdom – about his quest to be a knight and he mistakes her talking to her butler about her dresses for her talking to him about his quest! It is truly hilarious, and when she throws an old sock out of her changing area in disgust, he catches it and thinks she meant it for him so that he could take it with as a favour (a token of her love). This wondrous film is truly one to watch!”

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