Sam and Mark grilled for Comic Relief

sam-mark1It’s Red Nose Day! And tonight sees the final of BBC’s Comic Relief does Glee Club, when the remaining finalists battle it out for the number one title of best Glee Club!

Aheaed of that, we asked the presenters Sam and Mark a few questions about Red Nose Day and why they’re getting involved this year…

What is your most embarrassing moment?

Sam: I once fell off stage whilst doing a performance at school.

Mark: Asking Rachel Stevens out on a date and she said no!

What is your first memory of Red Nose Day?

Sam: Wearing a red nose that had arms and legs.

Mark: Watching Lenny Henry laughing and playing with a group of children in Africa.

sam-mark-cleaningWhere’s the funniest place you’ll be wearing your nose?

Sam: At the gym.

Mark: I think I would wear it in the bath…I don’t know why!

What’s the funniest thing you’ve done for money?

Sam: We did Let’s Dance for Sport Relief (for votes, not money!)

Mark: Sam and I did Let’s Dance for Sport Relief and dressed as Wham!

sam-mark-skittlesCan you tell us your funniest joke?

Sam: What’s the difference between Dubai and Abudabi? Dubai don’t play the Flintstones on TV…Abudabi Do!

Mark: Why is milk so fast? Because it’s ‘past-ur-eyes-ed’ in a second.

If you were making a ‘silly sandwich’ what would you put in it?

Sam: Chicken, rubber and a red nose.

Mark: Beef, mustard and horse hair.

sam-mark-tvWhat’s your most disgusting habit?

Sam: Biting my nails and skin.

Mark: Making bad sandwiches.

If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

Sam: To fly so I would never be late.
The power to answer that question better.

Tell us a secret about you that no one else knows!

Sam: I can fly.

Mark: I’m really 6ft 8in…or am I?

sam-mark-showerWhat’s the silliest thing you’ve ever done?

Sam: I’ve been dressed as a mermaid and had water thrown at me.

Mark: I dressed up in women’s clothes and wandered through Leicester Square….all in the name of TV of course.

Who’s the funniest person you know?

Sam: Mark…I suppose.

Mark: Paddy McGuiness. He tells very good stories and he speaks funny.

Why are you supporting Red Nose Day 2011?

Sam: Because it’s a charity I Love and to be part of it after watching it is amazing.

Mark: Because it’s an amazing charity and it’s such a privilege to be involved.


Don’t forget to watch the Comic Relief does Glee Club final TONIGHT on BBC One at 5.15pm.

The Wanted are performing their Red Nose Day single ‘Gold Forever’ and Alesha Dixon is the guest judge.

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