Save the world with G Force

Step into the secret world of G-Force, a covert team of pint-sized guinea pigs, who are on a mission to save the world from a billionaire industrialist’s sinister plan to destroy the world through a sleeper army of diabolically-altered household appliances!

G-Force puts you in control of both Darwin, the guinea pig leader of the covert intelligence G-Force squad, and housefly surveillance sidekick, Mooch, as they team up with the other G-Force agents to complete a dangerous high-level government mission.

Use the teams high-tech gadgets, stealth mastery and special abilities, including Mooch’s ability to slow down time, to stop the evil household appliance army.

G-Force, the video game, has hit the shelves and is available on Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP and PC.

Key Features

  • Flick between Darwin, a guinea pig, and Mooch, a housefly
  • Special abilities for each character: Darwin’s hoverpack lets players speed through areas or fly up to higher altitudes; Mooch can slow down time
  • Loads of puzzles to reach new areas and trigger gadgets
  • New enemies, weapons and locations not seen in the film