‘Scallywags Blow Their Top’ and ‘One Dog and his Boy’

For younger children

Scallywags_BlowTheirTopThe Scallywags Blow Their Top

By David Melling

This is a celebration of scallywags everywhere!  It’s got lots of wolves, a very big dragon, bags of mischief and a very small but very LOUD little sheep who knows just how to get her own way…..

The Scallywag wolves are in trouble again. It’s time for the animals to put on a show but the Scallywags are too busy fighting with each other to concentrate. They’re meant to be the dragon but when they tear the costume apart, the Scallywags are sent packing.

Then the Scallywags come across a very small sheep in the forest who asks them to play her game. Unfortunately, the sheep is bossy, she is bad-tempered, and she wants to have her own way all the time.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books


For older children

OneDogAndHisBoyOne Dog and His Boy

By Eva Ibbotson

This is a great  story if you love animals, and dogs in particular, and describes the lengths that one boy will go to in order to have a pet.

Hal is desperate to have a dog of his own and finally, his parents agree and find him a dog called Fleck. However, they don’t tell Hal that they have only rented Fleck for the weekend!

When it’s time for Fleck to go back to the greedy and selfish Mr and Mrs Carker, the owners of Easy Pets, Hal decides to mount a rescue mission, not just for Fleck but for all the other dogs at Easy Pets.

This book has some great villains, plenty of action, a wonderful ending and, best of all, loads of dogs!

Published by Marion Lloyd Books


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