‘Scruffy Bear’ and ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Roar to the Rescue’

For younger children>

ScruffyBearScruffy Bear and the Six White Mice

by Chris Wormell

Scruffy Bear goes into the “dark and gloomy” woods where he meets six white mice, just as the sun goes down. Naturally the animals are a little scared – because hungry foes lurk in the shadows.

Sure enough, the mice are soon threatened by an owl, a fox and a slithery snake, but with brave and inventive Bear at their side, they manage to outwit even the crafty old fox.

Young children will enjoy learning how Bear disguises the mice from their hungry foes. For example curling up tight and tucking their tails in transforms them into furry white snow balls to fool the owl.

This is a clever, beautifully-illustrated story from a master picture book creator that will intrigue and amuse young children.

Published by Cape

For older children.

HarryDinosaursRoarToRescueHarry and the Dinosaurs Roar to the Rescue

By Ian Whybrow

Imagine having your own band of dinosaurs at your side, ready to confront school bullies or burglars! Harry, who is now at school, has just that.

Many children will recognise Harry, who grew up with a bucketful of dinosaurs. He has now moved on to school and had put away his dinosaurs with his other childhood toy. However, the dinosaurs soon show him that they want to look after him now and they give him some magical key fobs which, when rubbed, will bring them to his side.

Lucky for Harry, the dinosaurs are much bigger now as well and they can come to his aid when up against the school bullies or when trying to solve the mystery of Mr Oakley’s robbery.

Children who remember with the original picture books of Harry and his bucketful of Dinosaurs, or the television series, will love seeing the dinosaurs back in a new format for older readers. The illustrations are also engaging and funny.

Published by Puffin


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